Sunday Fellowship Time
Reeves Hall – 9:00 a.m. 

Sunday School
Sunday School classes meet following fellowship time in their individual classes.  We believe that a person’s relationship with God is a “faith journey” and a continuing process. We believe, too, that we are strengthened for the journey by being “in community” with other Christians. At City Point United Methodist Church, we hope you will be able to find a Sunday School Class where you can share common interests and beliefs. We offer a variety of study emphasis for adults of all ages, and you are encouraged to visit any and all of the classes.

Room 110: For “middle years” couples. ALPHA studies a wide range of topics, from Bible study to social issues, in an open forum of discussion. Missions include Christmas Providers, adoption of a family through the Community Enrichment Center and monthly giving to needy families. ALPHA gathers regularly for a variety of social activities and supports CPUMC projects.

Room 102: This class is a family of couples and singles mostly 70 years of age and older, although persons of any age are welcome. The class format includes singing hymns, responding to members with illness or other concerns and studying various Bible study literature. 

Room 104: This class studies scriptures related to the current sermon. Often these scriptures are related to the daily lives of the class, resulting in lively discussion with exchanges in personal insights and interpretation. The class is not an age group or a couples or a singles group…it is an adult class for anyone who wants to grow in his or her faith and understanding. 

Room 105: This class is diverse in age and marital status, parents and grandparents. The class explores scripture through a variety of study sources and teaching tools. Open discussion and class participation is vital to the spiritual growth of members.